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Collection: Sassy Kid Crap

Don't let the kiddos be stuck wearing boring clothes!! They need cute & funny to show everyone their personality. Just like you do mom & dad!! We're putting together a bunch of so cute & so funny things for the kiddos to wear. Maybe gramma or grampa will get some gifts for the little ones that they will love. 


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  • KIDS funny "Dear Teacher I talk to everyone so movin' my seat..." t-shirt in Black & Pink
    School is finally back in person!!!! At least it is here in northern Illinois. And because they haven't seen many of their friends for so long, I think you need to tell the teacher what to expect!!! (hahaha) It's gonna be a long year if they try to keep the kids totally quiet. So here's some advise from all of us.....especially your kid!!!!  :)  50% cotton / 50% polyester
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