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This is my son Brandon.....He passed away April 7th, 2017 from a heroin overdose. He was one of the thousands of people affected by this opioid crisis. It started with a back problem in high school. He had a couple surgeries, and it began. He had been fighting his demons for about 15 years when he passed away. He was also homeless  the last year of his life, because I couldn't have him here with the little kids. I still cry about that, & I'm pretty sure the guilt will never go away. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do at that point. But after a little while, he told me how wonderful most of these people were, and that we needed to help them as much as we could, because they have no one. They also need HOPE in their life, so they can see that there is a way to get better & get to a better place. You have to have HOPE, because if you don't, nothing will get better. When I would pick him up & bring him home, I tried to always have some baked yummies for him to have & to take back with him. He told me how everyone wanted what he had, so he'd share it. Then they all wanted to place their own orders!! LOL So I baked for the shelter a couple times and they all loved it. :) We took cases of water because the well water there was disgusting. So since he passed away, I needed to help them!!  I needed to take it the next level & help the people with addiction and homelessness as much as I could. I started out by providing personal items needed on a regular basis at our local Homeless Shelter. We've taken over clothing, shoes & boots, winter coats, hats, gloves, blankets & toiletries that are desperately needed. We are also working with our PADS office to be able to offer additional support where needed. But it grew from there. We're now involved with two groups that do what I was doing on a much bigger scale, and it's amazing!!

So if you ever run across a person sitting outside the store by themselves, looking lost & lonely...maybe say 'hi, how are you?'   You never know, you mite be the first person that's spoken to them in a year. (true story) It will make them feel like a human being again. 

We are committed to helping those who struggle with addiction and homelessness!! So we started a foundation in Brandon's name to help people with addiction and homelessness. 15% of our sales go to his foundation to provide as much money as we can for them to get the items needed to get on their feet and out of the shelters.

So please remember that every time you buy from us, you're helping someone take care of themselves personally, where they wouldn't otherwise have the means to do so. You can't imagine the amount of gratitude they have for this simple gift that is given. 
So thank you & God Bless you 

Please join us in the fight, we all need to be part of the CURE....
God's Blessings